Sunday, April 1, 2012

Online Writing Sites

You will find diverse views regarding online writing and returns thereof. Some of them seem to be truly ecstatic while others down with despondency. As a part of this huge and ever growing knowledge sharing industry, I learnt a lot of related intricacies. Based on the experiences during my endeavour for such sites, I would like to enumerate few of them.

I  Expertscolumn- According to me this is the best site to start with as I initiated my online article writing career with this site. To be frank, I was not happy in the beginning due to slow pace of page viewings even after doing good marketing. But later, after accumulating fifteen odd articles, my number of page views per piece of writing began accentuating. Hence, establishing oneself as a decent author on varied subjects is as important as giving impetus through wide broadcasting. Today, am more than happy to have joined Expertscolumn.

      Few things to be kept in mind as an author:

1)    Article has to be in proper English in at least 300-350 words.
2)    Should be original content of yours, with no plagiarizing or copying. Even if you are republishing it over here, the author’s name appearing with article has to be exactly same on previous publishing site and the current one i.e. Expertscolumn.
3)    Try including keywords to your work for better search engine exposure.

             How do you earn on this site:
1)   In India the payment is received through Moneybookers while for others Paypal works fine. Minimum payout amount is $5.00.
             2)  Traffic is tremendously good on this site compared to others thus, giving good 
                   impetus to the number of page views to the articles.
             3)  Expertscolumn pays around $1.05-1.50, depending on number of articles,
                   viewership and quality of contents. Its payment per page views is among 
                   the highest in the industry.

             Ways to enhance your page views:

1)   Do interlink related articles of yours on Expertscolumn. This can be done by
mentioning the related article’s internet address at the end of your other articles under subheadings “for further reading” or “related articles”.
2)   Send the articles to social networking sites like google plus, twitter, facebook
for people in your circle to know and read.
3)   Keep writing regularly to remain in limelight.

I personally recommend you to join Expertscolumn.

II Wizzley- It is also a good site, after expertscolumn, provided you have a google adsense, chitika, amazon, zazzle, allposters, ebay or viglink account.

Working features of this site is somewhat different than the previous one:

1)  You don't get paid for page views over here.
             2)  You get separately paid by Adsense or Chitika or other ads providers
                  mentioned above, on 50-60% revenue sharing basis with wizzley.                   

You can register on Wizzley by clicking on the link: Wizzley

III Wikinut- Has got similarities with expertscolumn but with earnings per 1000 page views as low as $0.40. Though they pay in pounds, comparison can be done by applying cross currency rates. 

If interested in Wikinuts, click here, Wikinuts.

V  Redgage- This site is unique in itself as it pays you for all your social activities on internet. You can upload your links, blogs, videos, pictures and documents. The moment somebody views them through redgage, you earn a small amount. Hence, your stuffs are marketed and paid as well which you find no where else. Apart from this there are bonuses and contests going on, helping in accentuating your earnings. Besides, networking is very easy over here.

When your first $25.00 is accumulated, a redgage visa debit card is sent which functions as any other visa debit card. Later, all your earnings keep on getting credited to this debit card automatically. Quite interesting, no?

You will love to join Redgage.

Hope that you gained some real insight into the world of paid to write sites. Please feel free to discuss and comment. Thank You !!!

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